River City Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

River City Martial Arts & Fitness Centre was founded by head coach and owner Dan Hunia. In March 2014 the club started in a garage up on Durie Hill of Whanganui with only a 5m by 7.5m mat set up and only teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Away from town and in a hidden street it took a few months before members started joining. By the end of 2014 the club had a few handfuls of kids and adults training consistently which meant we needed to shift.

In January of 2015 the club had found an old town hall situated on Tawa St of Gonville, Whanganui, NZ. With a good sand down few coats of paint and and some hearty cleaning, the club shifted in a couple months later in March. Currently situated in the old town hall, the club continues to grown on many levels with Juniors, Seniors, and Advanced Kids Jiu Jitsu classes, Fundamentals,  Intermediate and Competition Adult Jiu Jitsu classes, MMA (mixed martial arts) classes, Group Fitness classes, Local Striking talents coming in and taking Adult Striking classes, and much more to come as we keep growing.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial arts self defence system that relies on technique, leverage, and timing to allow a smaller weaker person to protect themselves from a much larger and stronger opponent. We provide Kids, Women only, Fundamental, and Intermediate classes.


Made famous by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the biggest growing sport of this generation. MMA is a combination of striking, takedown, and ground fighting arts. Our MMA classes are for the serious athletes that want to eventually fight in the cage/ring.


Our SUBMISSION GRAPPLING classes are a combination of wrestling and No Gi BJJ. These classes supplement the MMA and BJJ classes.


Physical conditioning is not only one of the biggest prerequisites for performing well on the battle field, but also for living a healthy life style. Our physical conditioning coach is a fully qualified personal trainer that provides programs for health and performance.

Address: Tupoho Complex, 97 Bell St, Whanganui, 4500 (Corner of Dublin St & Wicksteed St)

Email: rcmafc@outlook.co.nz  |  Phone:  Dan Hunia 0273029068


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