Wreck Room

Wreck Room specialises in fun and effective boxing and functional fitness classes in Auckland, using basic tools to help you get stronger, faster, and fitter. Our community includes people from all walks of life… so regardless of where you come from or what your fitness experience is, you’ll find a place here, alongside a crazy group of people to share your pain and triumphs with.

Wreck Room offers group fitness classes focusing on cardio, strength, and boxing, plus customized one-on-one sessions, so you’ll have access to a wide variety of training to suit your needs. Whatever your goals are, our team is here to help you reach them. Try a free class today or subscribe to our newsletter and receive a complimentary “Two classes for the price of One” coupon when you sign up!  Come on down to the gym and give it a go. We look forward to training with you.

Boxing Classes

We are the home of Cameron Todd Boxing, led by Olympic Coach Cam Todd. His string of amateur fighters, including Olympian Alexis Pritchard, train with us. Cam oversees all things Boxing at Wreck Room, so whether you’re aiming for your first fight or just looking for a dynamic, engaging non-contact workout, you can be sure your boxing training is grounded in the real thing.  Our boxing classes consist of a mix of shadow boxing, bag work, skipping, running and more. 

Address: 4 Glenside Cres, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010

Email: info@wreckroom.co.nz  |  Phone: 09 3092184


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