Grudge fight on Gallen vs Huni, Mikhailovich vs Hanan

The grudge match between two New Zealand boxers Andrei Mikhailovich and Alex Hanan will finally happen in Australia on June 16th. Nort Beauchamp will also be fighting on the card for the Australasian title.

This fight between Andrei Mikhailovich and Alex Hanan has been three years in the making. It all started from an interview that Alex Hanan had with Gladrap Chanell with Benji Watt (me) and Gladrap Josh as they did a little bit of shit-stirring to create a little bit of a rivalry.

In August 2018, both of the boxers fought on the same card at ABA Stadium in Auckland. Both boxers were told not to comment on each other and just to focus on their fights. In December 2018, Andrei Mikhailovich had his own Gladrap interview with Isaac Savage. Andrei finally had a response to Alex Hanan interview saying “I want to fight you, I always wanted to fight you, and when I do I will back you up and probably knock you out”.

In December 2018 and August 2019, the New Zealand Boxing News Facebook page did two polls on who would win against the two boxers. Both polls had Alex Hanan winning by 70% of the votes. After that, the dream fight has almost been forgotten about or just at the back of everyone’s minds. However, the rivalry got started again with Dean Lonergan putting the fight on. It is also been noted that Dean Lonergan has signed Andrei Mikhailovich onto his stable.

Looking at the two boxers, Andrei Mikhailovich is undefeated with 15 wins with 8 knockouts. He has fought great boxers including Jerome Pascua, former WBA PABA Champion Adrian Taihia, former IBO Asia Pacific champion Chase Haley, former WBO top 10 ranked boxer Gunnar Jackson, former NZPBA Champion Shay Brock and Marcus Heywood. Andrei a current two-division New Zealand champion, holding the Pro Box NZ Middleweight and PBCNZ Super Welterweight title.

As for Alex Hanan, he is undefeated with 13 wins with 7 wins by KO. Alex who only has one win over a boxer with a positive record (Jessie Nikora who was 2 - 1 - 0 at the time) has been mostly inactive during 2020 with only one fight, now starting to be more active in 2021.

Alex had his professional debut in 2017 and Andrie debuted in 2018. Alex Hanan has been consistently at Super Welterweight, apart from the occasional middleweight fight. Andrei began at Middleweight and has fought multiple times at Super Middleweight, but now focused in the Super-Welterweight division. Andrei is ranked high on boxrec, however, Alex has the height advantage. Alex Hanan born and raised in Dunedin now lives in Australia to focus on his boxing career to try to get better opportunities. Andrei born in Russia wears the New Zealand flag with pride.

The two do not like each other one bit. The two had a war with words when they met each other again at the press conference last month. Both boxers throwing some strong words including Alex saying “You ain’t a Kiwi, brother. I don’t know why you’re coming over here taking the Kiwi flag. You’re a f***ing mutt is what you are”. This fight will be the fight of the night.

Also on the card, will feature another New Zealander with Nort Beauchamp taking on Sam Goodman for the Australasian Featherweight title. Nort Beauchamp just recently came off a loss against Brock Jarvis in April, is hoping to redeem himself. This time he will be going up against the undefeated Australian Super Bantamweight fighter Sam Goodman (8 - 0 - 0) with Sam hoping to capture his fight boxing title. Sam has already proven himself so far with three massive wins in his career, but he has not fought Nort Beauchamp yet.

Nort is one of the toughest boxers in New Zealand. Even though he lost his last fight in by TKO, Nort did not get knockdown and could have kept going if the ref didn’t stop it. Nort (18 - 4 - 0) been very active over the last few months, taking on the best from Australia and New Zealand. Nort now 35 years old knows he only has so much time left on his career, now going to take on as many fights as he can.

This event will be live on Sky Arena. If you do not have sky, you will still be able to watch the event on Sky Sports Now. The event is Pay per view and will cost $39.99 to watch.

Written by Benjamin Watt

Benjamin Watt is well known to all has one of the leading experts in New Zealand Boxing. He is a man of many jobs including, first openly gay boxing judge in the world, boxing writer, boxing promoter, boxrec editor, boxing commentator, Wikipedia editor and backstage event co-ordinator.

He has the nickname of "Mr Controversy" with his none filter comments he would usually make when being interviewed, on commentary or just peoples mixed feelings about him. However, despite this, he is one of New Zealand boxings biggest assets, one of New Zealand's best judges and have accomplished so much in this industry.

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