New Zealand Dream Fight Announced

Two big fights have been announced for the next P3 Promotions Friday Fight Nights event on the 9th of April. Sky City Theatre will host Andrei Mikhailovich New Zealand Super Welterweight title defence against Mr Business Shay Brock with the main undercard featuring Bowyn Morgan vs Marcus Heywood.

When managing or promoting a boxer, you want to make sure that you get your boxer ready to battle on the big stage and major international fights. You do that by not only keeping active or regular training but also have a well diverse fight history and battling tough opponents. We can certainly see this so far for Andrei Mikhailovich (14-0-0) as he has fought tough opponents including Jerome Pascua (7-4-0), former WBA - PABA and New Zealand national champion Adrian Taihia (15-5-2), former IBO Oceania-Orient and UBO Intercontinental Light Heavyweight Champion Chase Haley (6-7-2), Formerly ranked 10th in WBO, WBO Oriental, WBA - PABA, 2 times New Zealand National, Pro Box Pacific and NZPBA Central Champion Gunnar Jackson and finally most recently Marcus Heywood (4-3-1). One thing that people don’t talk about is to qualify for those major regional title fights you need to have won more than 10 fights, have good quality opponents and to have fought in multiple 10 round fights, which Andrei has ticked all the boxes.

Andrei Mikhailovich has so far a 2 division New Zealand National Champion winning the Pro Box NZ Middleweight title against Gunnar Jackson and PBCNZ Super Welterweight title against Marcus Heywood. Now he will defend his Super Welterweight title against another well-credientialled name in New Zealand Boxing, Shay Brock.

Shay Brock (13-2-2) has been in the boxing business for a long time. He started boxing as an amateur and has won multiple titles including Golden Gloves and New Zealand national amateur championships in the Junior, Intermediate and Youth divisions. Shay was a tough active boxer who fought three to four times a year in his first few years. He is trained under Henry Schuster and promoted mostly by Craig Thomson, his team kept him very busy. The biggest win of his career would be his knockout win for the New Zealand National Super Welterweight title against Ray Musson (9-7-0) in 2017. After that fight, he started taking on the bigger fight then he previously fought including a draw against Gunnar Jackson, a decision loss against the late great Dwight Ritchie (19-2-0), a decision loss against former top 15 IBF ranked boxer Bowyn Morgan and most recently a draw against Marcus Heywood.

After his Loss against Bowyn Morgan, his original decision to retire from boxing. But like most boxers, the itch of being back in the ring couldn’t hold him back which lead him to that draw with Marcus Heywood. Shay Brock now 27, working hard to provide for his family, but any fight could be the last of his career. We all very much enjoy seeing Shay fight and this particular fight that’s lined up to the main event the Theatre show is certainly mouth-watering.

Another major fight that has been announced is a former top 15 IBF ranked boxer Bowyn Morgan taking on one of the toughest boxers in New Zealand, Marcus Heywood.

Bowyn Morgan is another extremely well-credentialed boxer with a massive Amateur boxing background fight over 100 amateur fights on his amateur boxing record book. When looking at the P4P amateur boxing rankings on Boxrec, Bowyn Morgan is ranked number 1 of all time with David Nyika coming second. Bowyn is a 5 time New Zealand amateur boxing champion, countless Golden gloves championships, 2013 Jamieson Belt winner and competed at the 2014 Commonwealth games.

In the pros, Bowyn Morgan is a three-time New Zealand national boxing champion in two divisions and is the first boxer to win New Zealand titles in three different commissioning bodies including Pro Box NZ, NZPBA and NZNBF. He is a former IBO Asia Pacific, IBO Orient - Oceania and Pro Box Pacific Champion. He also is a former WBU World Welterweight champion. And most recently received a top 15 ranking with the IBF.

He has defeated allot of good names in the sport, including boxers who are from New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Thailand. He has defeated boxers including IBF Pan Pacific Champion Ben Kite (18-4-1), Gunnar Jackson twice, former WBA - PABA and WBC - ABC Continental champion Stevie Ongen Ferdinandus (32-17-1), Andres Delfin Rodriguez (10-7-0), Shay Brock, IBO Orient-Oceania Champion Luke Woods (6-3-0), Fijian and WBF Asia Pacific Champion Sebastian Singh (13-4-2), Former IBO World Champion Jack Asis (38-23-5) and finally Nelson Tinampay (14-8-1). This is another fight that is just simple mouth-watering as we see Bowyn Morgan go up against Marcus Heywood.

Marcus Heywood just coming off a loss to Andrei Mikhailovich and is coming into this fight with something to prove. Marcus doesn’t have an amateur boxing background as the other boxers do but he does have Kickboxing experience and some corporate boxing experience. Which shows he is just naturally talented. He started his professional boxing career by taking on Gunnar Jackson which is a massive challenge for a pro debut. Marcus went on to have big wins including two wins against Jessie Nikora and a knockout win in the first round against Jonny Singh. Marcus has had a battle with other good names including Shay Brock, Jerome Pascua and obviously Andrei Mikhailovich.

With two big fights announced to feature the event, both are in the Super-Welterweight division. Could this be a 4 man tournament where the winner of these two fights will face each other in the future (possibly in July) for some sort of major regional title? Only time will tell.

Friday 9th of April 2021

Sky City Theatre Auckland


NZ Super Welterweight Title


TROY GARTON (pro debut) vs AYISHA ABIED - Lightweight

JEROME PAMPELLONE vs TBC - Light Heavyweight

RICHIE HADLOW vs TBC - Lightweight


UILA MAU'U vs. MATT MATAIKA - Amateur Super Heavyweight

Written by Benjamin Watt

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