New Zealand National Boxing Amateur Championships Session 1

Welcome all to the New Zealand Fighter live update of the New Zealand National Amateur Championships. I am your hostess with the mostess, Benji "Mr Controversy" Watt. I will be giving you live updates throughout the next few days right here on this page. If you like to leave a comment, go to our Facebook page and send us a message and we may post your comment. Of course, you can watch it live on youtube with our very own Isaac Savage commentating the event. Remember to refresh your screen every 2 min to keep up to date with the live posts.

Last bout for the evening Ali Ismatullah vs Daniel Williams-Morris

Round 1 This is an elite boxing fight. Dan comes in landing 2 punches. Dan very calculated. But now Ali is coming back. Three massive shots landed by Ali. Ali throwing with bad intentions. Ali now counter punching. slowing down a little. Ali now jab but a Massive right uppercut from dan. Both boxers landing a shot each. Dan comes in miss and Ali lands a little shot. Ali lands three more shots. Dan gets a standing 8 count after a couple of flurries from Ali. Again Dan gets another standing 8 count from a flurry. Ali comes him again and the referee calls it off for a TKO win for Ali.

Eight Tyson Peterson vs Te Atetangi Paris

Round 1 we find out the Te Atetangi nickname is dumb truck according to the commentator. Tyson comes in with 3 clean shots. Both boxers landing some good shots. It is a more technical fight. both go for a jab and a miss. Tyson landing a 1, 2. Te Atetangi now in the middle and controlling the flow now. But boxers landing some clean shots. Tyson landing another 1, 2. Te Atetangi coming back with the jab. Last 10 seconds and Te Atetangi controlling that last 10 seconds.

Round 2 both boxers landing clean combinations. They coming in close landing some heavy shots. both again landing some shots up close but Te Atetangi has the edge landing more punches. both boxers are tired. A good right hand from te Atetangi . Now both again coming at each other. Tyson now landing some shots as they hold on to each other. Te Atetangi keeping a tight guard to the body. Tyson landing some body shots. Tyson might now have an edge with Te Atetangi might have a body injury. both boxers are tired.

Round 3 Both boxers are coming at each other. Massive clean shot by Te Atetangi. Both boxers are tired. Te Atetangii landing another good shot. Good clean left hand. Te Atetangi landing an uppercut. But Now Tyson is coming back. And then Te Atetangi reversed it again. Tyson now landing a couple heavy shot. This is very even. Both boxers want this win. Massive shot by Te Atetangi as he was going to be trapped in the corner but with good foot work got out and land a shot. both boxers are tired. both boxers come at each other in last 10 second. Great fight. very even fight.

Official Results Tyson Peterson Unanimous Decision

Seven Hamuera Tauinui Red vs Kalani Marra Blue

Round 1 Red landing some good shots but blue returned a couple as well. Blue coming in with some clean shots. Blue turned red around and red did not like that at all coming landing 3 shots. Both boxers are calculating their shots carefully. both boxers landing some cleaning punches. This is a little bit more of an even bout.

Round 2 Both boxers trying to jab each other both miss multiple times. Red comes in close but still misses the jab. Red finally gets in and lands an over had right. Red landing some got punches again as he has found his rhythm. oh no my youtube buffered. Having some technical difficulty. and we back with Red landing some jabs. Red lands a 1, 2. Last 10 second and red lands an amazing over hand right.

Round 3 Red comes in with some jabs. Here is doing his 1, 1, 2 as his regular combination. Red landing some good shots while blue is in the corner. Blue is really throwing much. Red just walking over his. Both boxers swing and a miss for some heavy shots. a double jab from red. last 10 seconds and a heavy shot from red.

Official Results Hamuera Tauinui Unanimous Decision

Six Jett Larby vs Sonny Morini

Round 1 Both boxers coming in with some hard shots. They are just brawling each other. Jett has the obvious high advantage but both boxers a very fast. Sonny landing well but Jett got some good jabs to keep Sonny at a certain distance. Sonny got some good head movement. Sonny landing clean punches. Both boxers are just wild. It's hard to call. Allot of body shots landed from Sonny but hard to call who is winning this bout.

Side Note it is Isaac Peach birthday recently so happy birthday to him. Peach being Sonny Trainer.

Round 2 Both boxers going fast again. Jett Landing some good Straights. Every time Jett comes into Sonny range, Sonny makes him pay. But When Jett is fighting on the outside he does well. The action slows down a bit but Jett jab lands very well. Jett landing a couple of good shots as we end round 2. I would say Jett leading the 2nd round.

Round 3 Sonny comes in running with big shots. Literally running. Jett hand amazing three head shots to sonny. This is a slightly slower round, both boxers must be tired. Sonny lands a couple of Jabs when Jett comes too close. Sonny very aggressive in this round. Jett landed a very clean right straight which Sonny did not like. Sonny coming at Jett for the last 10 seconds.

Official winner Jett Larby Split Decision

Five Simba McKay vs Cyprezz Manukau-Atkins

Paul McSharry the referee (ABA President)

Round 1 Both boxers feeling each other out. Cyprezz landing a clean shot but both boxers a bit hesitant. A couple of swings and a miss from both. Cyprezz now landing some shots. Both boxers come in landing a couple of shots. Cyprezz got some good foot walk. Simba trying to walk Cyprezz down but Cyprezz footwork is too good. Simba come in for a good jab. I say Cyprezz leading with his footwork and his clean punches.

Round 2 Simba trying to lead with the jab but not leading. Cyprezz footwork still looking good but he hasn't been landing anything himself. Cyprezz getting to the corner and finally landing something. Both boxers again still look like the feeling each other out. Now Simba starting to take control. Landing the shots and controlling the ring. This is a very technical bout. Cyprezz comes in and lands but Simba counters with a harder shot. Simba winning the second round.

Round 3 Both boxers trying to come forward but nothing happens. Simba now stalking Cyprezz. Now both boxers are more active and both are landing. Both boxers doing some good footwork. But Simba is the on walking forward. Simba now landing some shots while Cyprezz is in the corner. Cyprezz trying to land some shots. Both boxers landing 2 clean shot each. Simba trying to position himself for Cyprezz to throw by Cyprezz doesn't take the traps. Simba landing some good shots as the round ends.

Official Results Simba McKay Unanimous Decision

Four Ryley Sutherland vs Dayton Kawau

Round 1 Dayton started off in control. Landing some big shots including an uppercut. Ryley starting to come back. Dayton landing some brig shots. What a good first round.

Round 2 Both boxers coming out with the jab. Ryley landing a good straight. Dayton comes in close with a flurry. A little bit of holding while Ryley lands some bodies. Dayton walks into a straight. Both boxers are already tired. A swing and a miss from Dayton and Ryley Countered the punt.

Round 3 both boxers come out for a brawl before they hold each other. both boxers are tired. both landing close. Ryley landing a good hook. This is a very close bout. Ryley landing a nice clean straight. both going at each other bodies while holding and last 10 seconds both boxers go at it. This might be too close to call.

Official results Dayton Kawau Split Decision

Three Alexander Coull vs Jahziah Machuca Sciascia

Ina will be the referee of this bout. The best referee in New Zealand in my opinion.

Round 1 Both boxers are feeling each other out. A couple of throws from both but they are missing. Now Jahziah pinned Alex in the corner landing some shots. But Alex was let out. Alex just can't get a good rhythm going as Jahziah wins the first round.

Round 2 Jahziah landing clean shots straight away but Alex starting to land some good straights. Jahziah keeping busy with his footwork. Landing some uppercut. Alex doing better in this round but Jahziah landing the cleaner busier shots.

Round 3 Alex went for a big shot but missed. Both boxers came in for the body shots. Alex starting to be a busier cleaner puncher. Alex got some busy footwork. He is now counter punching Jahziah. Both boxers are tired at the end of the round but Alex landing the cleaner shots. Alex definitely won the last round.

There is a delay with the scorecards this could be a close one

Official Results Alexander Coull wins by Split decision

Two bout Toby Brown vs Khadyn Kahukiwa
Round one Now, this is a much faster pace fight compared to the first bout. Almost hard to keep up with the two boxers.

Round two now slowing down a bit but they still very active. Toby Brown has the edge landing cleaner punches and keeping composed.

Round Three the action is faster pace but very awkward. Toby I would say is ahead, making his opponent miss and landing some shots. Halfway through the round, he was coming forward until Khadyn landing some heavy shots sending toby back. both boxers landing cleanly at the end. I would say Toby Brown might have edged it.

Official Results Toby Brown by Unanimous Decision

Azeezullah Ghazizada vs Kalahni Sa'u Tuputala

Official results Azeezullah Ghazizada wins by Walkover

First bout Tane Amos vs Dane Walker

First-round Tane comes in trying to keep but Dane is landing the cleaning more effective shots. Last 10 seconds Dane was landing a flurry of shots.

Round Two Dane is simply outboxing his opponent throughout the round to the point where Tane lost his mouthguard. Dane did land a couple of shots behind the head but the referee didn't penalize him for that.

Round Three Tane doing much better in this round but Dane still in control. Tane starting to pick up the pace but the final clapper came and Dane took over.

Prediction Dane Walker on Points

Official Results Dane Walker by Unanimous Decision

5 pm

We have begun, welcome to the 118th New Zealand National boxing championship. The first fight is between Tane Amos vs Dane Walker. This is 3 x 1.5 min rounds.

4:50 pm
We just 10 min away till the first fight. So make sure you are comfortable, have your drinks and snacks ready as we are about to begin the National championships.

3 pm

We are less than an hour to go folks. Who is excited for the 2020 New Zealand National Championships????

2 pm
We are just 3 hours away till the first fight. We will be starting off with the Cadets 50 kgs Semi-Finals. Azeezullah Ghazizada of Canterbury will be taking on Kalahni Sa'u Tuputala of Manawatu.

10:15 am

We will be kicking off the Nationals at 5 pm today. Only 10 bouts will be on today's card with five Cadet (13/14 years of age) bouts will open proceedings, followed by three Junior (15/16 years) bouts before a Youth Male (17/18 years) contest between Tyson Peterson (Central North Island) and Te Atetangi Paris (Canterbury). We will be finishing off tonight with an elite bout between Ali Ismatullah and Dan William-Morris. These two will be competing in the Welterweight division with the winner to move forward to the quarter-finals.

Written by Benjamin Watt

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