New Zealand National Boxing Amateur Championships Session 2

Welcome back to the New Zealand Fighter live update of the New Zealand National Amateur Championships. I am your hostess with the mostess, Benji "Mr Controversy" Watt. I will be giving you live updates throughout the next few days right here on this page. If you like to leave a comment, go to our Facebook page and send us a message and we may post your comment. Of course, you can watch it live on youtube with our very own Isaac Savage commentating the event. Remember to refresh your screen every 2 min to keep up to date with the live posts.

First Bobby Brown vs Jett Varcoe

Round one Jett coming out with couple 1, 2s. Jet seems to be landing all of his shots. Bobby on the back foot. Jett being very aggressive. Bobby seems to be hesitant. Understandable too because when he gets too close to Jett, Jett land some shots. Bobby keeping up a tight guard. Jett in the lead for the first round.

Round two Both boys holding back but Bobby doing better this round. But Jett still landing the cleaner shots. The referee did a strange thing by calling for the time before actually stopping the fight. Bobby needed his shoelace tied. Bobby trying to come in throwing wild but Jett still landing the more calculated cleaner shots. A very clean headshot from Jett in the last 10 seconds. Jett leading into the second round.

Round three Jett landing three shots but Bobby land one himself. Jett showing his boxing skills. Being very aggressive. Pinning Bobby into the corner. Bobby continuously on the back foot. Bobby landing a shot as Jett comes in. Last 10 seconds as Jett lands a Flurry. Jett should win this one.

Official result Jett Varcoe Unanimous Decision

Second Connor Campbell vs Lucifero Spraggs

Round one Lucifero landing some excellent clean shots. Very Calculated from Lucifero. Being the more aggressor. Connor on the back foot but is landing very well. Lucifero has some trouble with his headgear. Lucifero tries for a massive haymaker but misses in the last 10 seconds.

Round two Lucifero landing the 1, 2. The two getting a bit messy. Connor got some nice footwork. both boxers throwing but not landing. Boxers get in too close now both landing some good shots but Connor seems to be the more effective shots. Lucifero still having trouble with his headgear. both boxers throwing wild but nothing landing in the last 10 seconds.

Round three Lucifero again comes out throwing but not really landing affectively. Connor on the back foot but more in control. Both boxers throwing messy. They are both connecting. It is a close fight with both being messy. Connor now landing a few fights. Again both boxers throwing messy shots. They continue throwing messy shots as we end round 3. Too Close to call.

Official Results Connor Campbell by Split Decision

Third Hadley McDougall vs Connor Anderson

Round one Both boxings throwing. Hadley on the backfoot. But landing the cleaner shots. Connor is still trying to throw just not landing. Handley coming in for the 1, 2. Hadley just trying to outbox Connor. But Connor lands a clean shot. Hadley doing well in the round just by outboxing his opponent.

Round two Massive shots by Connor. Hadley might be in trouble with these shots. Referee split them apart as Hadley throws an uppercut. Connor Putting the pressure on Connor. This is a different round as Connor intense pressure makes it hard for Hadley to Box. Hadley still on the back foot and trying to keep away but Connor definitely leading.

Round three Big left hook from Hadley. the two is tieing up. Both boxers are tired. Hadley landed a big shot. But Connor Keeps composed. Hadley now going back to try outbox his opponent.

Official Results Hadley McDougall by Unanimous Decision

Fourth Omid Azizi vs Hohaia Akaroa

Round one Hohaia trying to keep Omid away with the jab. But Omid getting aggressive. Omid trying to bully his way in. Massive shot by Omid. Big uppercut from Omid. Big Body shot from Omid. Omid is landing some heavy shots. Omid changing the angles but landing heavy shots form Omid. Last 10 seconds with Omid landing heavy shots

Round two Omid coming in with the Jab. Hohaia is faster then Omid but Omid is landing the Heavier shots. The two are going a bit wild. The Crowd are going wild for Omid. Massive fan base. both boxers landing very cleanly. Both boxers are getting tired. Massive shot by Omid. Last 10 second that looks like Omid landed at least 10 to 20 shots on his opponent.

Round three Omid trying to calculate a good shot. Ducking and weaving. Omid landing multiple body shots. Both come in tangle up. Both boxers are tired. Hohaia tries to land a Haymaker but miss. Omid landing 6 more punches. Hohaia landing a good clean shot. The two tangle up again. Last 10 seconds both very tired but Omid punishing the body as the round ends.

Official Results Omid Azizi by Unanimous Decision

Fifth Jed Allen vs Cooper White

Round one Jed coming in as the aggressor. Jed doing well throughout the fight. Cooper using his experience though. Landing some good shots himself. Jed seems to be the more aggressor.

Round two Cooper using his boxing skills to outbox Jed. The crowd is absolutely wild. Jed still being aggressor but Cooper is outboxing his opponent. Cooper landing some clean shots. The two get tangled up. Both landing some jabs.

Round three Jed again coming in as the aggressor but Cooper using some good head movement. Jed starting to jab. Jed landing 3 shots as Cooper is on the ropes. Cooper now coming forward. But Jed landing some good headshots. Both boxers are getting tired. Jed coming in for the last 10 second.

Official Result Jed Allen wins by Unanimous Decision.

Sixth Devin Smith vs Jayden Harrison Parker

Round one The crowd is going wild as the announcer announces the boxers. Both boxers Jabing. But Devin Smith Throwing some heavy shots. Devin to be very aggressive with heavy intentions. But Jayden landed a Head shaping shot. Jayden comes in with the 1, 2 but Devin landed one clean back. Devin Lands a very clean 1, 2.

Round two Devin walking Jayden now. Both Fainting. Jayden in the corner as Devin lands a couple. Jayden walks out. Both boxers are a little more hesitant. Devin lands a few shots. Devin Lands a good shot that gives Jayden a standing 8 count. Devin Landing some good shots before the end of the round.

Round three Jayden trying to jab. Both boxers try to throw but the hands connected to each other. Devin Smells blood. Jayden is in trouble. And Jayden gets a standing 8. And the referee waives it off.

Official Result Devin Smith Wins by TKO 3rd round.

Seventh Christine Gillespie vs Teina Paul

Official Result Christine Gillespie Wins by Split Decision.

Eighth Christian Tikao vs Vincent Kelly

Official Result Christian Tikao Wins by TKO 1st round.

Ninth Neame Lavemaau vs Tom Weastell

Official Result Neame Lavemaau Wins by Split Decision

Tenth Trevor Swainson vs Colton Seymour-Moir

Official Result Colton Seymour-Moir Wins by Unanimous Decision

Written by Benjamin Watt

Benjamin Watt is well known to all has one of the leading experts in New Zealand Boxing. He is a man of many jobs including, first openly gay boxing judge in the world, boxing writer, boxing promoter, boxrec editor, boxing commentator, Wikipedia editor and backstage event co-ordinator.

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