Shuriken 9 - New Zealand showcases talent to world

Team Shuriken once again raised the bar with an action packed night of fights that was broadcast to the world on FITE TV.

The who's who of MMA has fought on Shuriken including Israel Adesanya ( UFC ) John Brewin ( Brave CF ) Ev Ting ( One Championship ) JJ Wilson ( Bellator ). Shuriken is fast becoming the benchmark for grassroot to world class level athletes. Read on as we provide a break down on the main card....

Amateur MMA – Bantamweight Title | Jordan Smart vs Prashanth Guda

Round 1: Straight to the centre both fighters right to feeling each other out. Jordan connects

early and begins to gauge the distance well. Jordan clinches and controls Prashanth

pressing him to the cage. There’s an opening and Prashanth throws a knee. Back to the

centre, Prashanth throws a head kick but slips onto his back. The striking is evening out

between the fighters. Prashanth lands a left hook and Jordan fires back with a flurry but

misses. Prashanth gets Jordan to the cage and tries for a single leg takedown but the round


Round 2: Prasanth right to his jab hurting Jordan’s eye. A big overhand from Prashanth and

Jordan is stumbling into the cage, Prashanth connects with another overhand. A chaotic

exchange, Jordan fires his own overhand rocking Prashanth. Prashanth clinches pressing

Jordan against the cage. Back in the centre, Jordan to his jab, Prashanth fires a body kick

but slips and pops right back up. Prashanth shoots for a single leg, Jordan scrambles to the

cage and it is a fight for underhooks against the cage. Jordan reverses the position and

presses Prashanth into the cage. Jordan breaks away and shoots a knee.

Jordan lands a left and right hook combo - Prashanth wearing damage to his left eye.

Round 3: Jordan right to a body kick and leg kick, Prashanth attempts a superman punch

counter but misses. Both fighters working feints. Prashanth fires a body kick, Jordan with a

right hook grazing the top of Prashanth’s head. Both throwing punch combinations but

neither landing. Prashanth with a right hand, left hook, right hand combo. Jordan responds

with a jab and right hand. Prashanth with a left hook and sharp right hand. Jordan with a

right hand back. Prashanth mixes it up with a leg kick and Jordan returns with a right hook.

Jordan presses forward landing a left hook and tries to shoot. Prashanth lands a head kick to

the gloves and Jordan shoots pressing Prashanth against the cage. Jordan working hard

and gets Prashanth’s hips to mat but Prashanth pops back up. Jordan fighting hard for the

take down and lands it just before the round closes slamming Prashanth to the mat.

Result: Prashanth Guda takes the fight with a split decision victory retaining his

amateur bantamweight title.

Pro MMA – Heavyweight | Alvin Kanehailua vs Vahid Unesi

Pro bouts (3 x 5 minute rounds)

Round 1: Both fighters march forward Vahid throws a powerful short left hook landing flush

to the side of Alvin’s head sending him crashing down to the canvas. The referee jumps right

in and the fight is over.

Result: Vahid Unesi takes the fight by Round 1 KO within 4 seconds ( New Zealand MMA record )

Pro MMA – Lightweight | Brad Ramsey (pro debut) vs Ben Koubaradis

Round 1: Brad right to a leg kick and launches into a spinning back kick. A combination from

Brad catches Ben dropping him to the canvas. Ben scrambles for a takedown clutching onto

Brad’s body against the cage. Brad throws consecutive elbows to the side of Ben’s head.

Brad attempts to mix in a knee while still clinched. Brad reverses the position and Ben does

the same, Brad again turns Ben. Both applying heavy grappling pressure, Ben breaks away

and lands a leg kick. Brad with a right-hand sending Ben retreating. Brad mixing it up with

multiple teeps, an exchange of punch combinations. Ben pushing forward while Brad

creating space moving back, launches forward with a right hand. Ben returning fire at

distance but not landing. Ben with a leg kick, Brad answering with a head kick but misses.

Brad teeps again followed with a calf kick. Ben with a jab, Brad continues to teep and attack

Ben’s legs to close the round.

Round 2: Ben pressuring right away and Brad is back to attacking the legs. Brad shoots

driving Ben to the cage and takes him down. Ben jumps to full guard and Brad passes into

side control but Ben works for half guard. Brad busy on top landing heavy ground and

pound. Ben pushes up and grabs a hold of Brad who lands multiple elbows. Ben breaks

away and Brad strikes with a leg kick and left hook followed by consecutive leg kicks. Brad

launches forward with a right hand and back to working the legs. Ben pushes forward but is

not landing. Brad again moving back and counters with a sharp right hand and body kick.

Both showing damage with Brad cut to the left eye and Ben to his right cheek. Ben throws a

leg kick and Brad throws a body kick simultaneously with Brad’s kick knocking Ben down.

Brad jumps into full mount and is right to ground and pound. Brad mixes in elbow after elbow

and Ben is cut badly bleeding profusely. Ben hanging on but is taking elbow after elbow –

Ben no longer defending intelligently, the fight is stopped.

Result: Brad Ramsey takes the fight by TKO stoppage in round 2.

Pro MMA – Welterweight | Kevin Jousett vs Paul McMah

Round 1: Kevin landing a big leg kick right away, Paul pressures forward with a jab forcing

Kevin into the cage. Kevin establishes distance and is back to leg kicks, Paul tries to counter

with a body kick. Paul shoots pushing Kevin into the cage with heavy pressure. Kevin

striking the ear and side of the head as Paul works for the take down. Kevin reverses the

position and lands an elbow and right-hand dropping Paul. Paul backs away circling and

Kevin lands a front kick followed by a leg kick. Paul slowing throws a laboured calf kick. A

big leg kick from Kevin sends Paul to the canvas and Kevin is right to ground and pound

from an open position. Paul attempts to get up and Kevin times a powerful knee to the body

dropping Paul to his side against the fence. Kevin right back to ground and pound and the

referee jumps in and stops the fight.

Result: Kevin Jousett takes the fight by TKO stoppage in round 1.

Written by Takhou Law (@takslaw)