The most anticipated rematch of the year

It was a brutal battle that left one of the fighters with a broken hand. Oscar Remihana met Terrence “The Machine Gun” Montgomenry in King In The Ring 75 in the semi finals that played out as if it was a main event. Both warriors brought their absolute best and relentlessly went through 3 rounds only to face the draw decision. They had to go for the fourth round where Montgomery eventually got the split decision win.

The fans were on their feet the entire fight screaming and living through non stop action. One of the ‘fans’ by the ring side was none other than GrandMaster, Sifu Phillip Lam. He was so impressed with the pair’s performance that he decided right there and then that these two would have to meet again. And indeed he made it happen. This Saturday Sifu Phillip Lam Promotion is putting on a fight show featuring this much anticipated rematch. Only of course there is a twist - this time it’s a five round professional bout under full Muay Thai rules.

Both fighters are taking this opportunity to face each other very seriously, especially Remihanna who is eager to get back into the ring to “get the ball rolling towards some serious title shots and put that division on notice.”

Remihana worked through his rehab and relentlessly built himself up to the best shape in his career. He has joined the City Kickboxing family for the last 90 days of the fight camp and will have Francis Vesetolu in the corner on the night. He also supercharged his strength and conditioning with Steve Pipe who is well known to enhance championship potential.

Terrance “The Machine Gun” is not about to make it easy for Oscar. He is very serious and has been uplifting his game on all fronts. He is up at 5.30am for the first strength and conditioning with renowned Alex Porter, pushing through endless drills with none other than Lolo Heimuli as well as Tony Angelov. He also stepped up his clinch game being well supported by the entire City Lee Gar family. Tate Brady says that Montgomery “left no stone unturned’ in preparation for this fight and that he is going to “Squeeze the trigger and let every bullet out on anything that moves.”

It is very hard to predict which fighter is going to come out with the win, but one thing for sure they are both determined to not leave it up to the judges this time around.

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Written by Zlata